Computer Solutions

BESD Benelux is a leading supplier of various industrial computer solutions that support companies in various application areas. Their extensive product portfolio covers a wide range of categories, allowing them to meet the specific needs of customers.

IoT Computers & Gateways: This category offers advanced solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), including compact computers and gateways that enable data acquisition, processing and connectivity. They are ideal for implementing IoT solutions in industrial environments.

Industrial PCs: BESD Benelux supplies rugged industrial PCs that can withstand the challenging conditions of industrial and commercial applications. These computers are designed for reliability and performance in critical environments.

Network & Storage Devices: This category includes networking equipment and storage solutions that are essential for data management and communications in industrial networks. They are designed to meet the demands of modern business infrastructures.

Embedded boards: Embedded boards provide powerful computing power and connectivity for embedded applications across industries from medical devices to industrial automation.

Sensors & Smart Devices: For advanced sensor technology and smart devices that collect data and provide information for process monitoring and automation, BESD Benelux offers innovative solutions.

Mobile (EN50155) systems: For transport applications and mobile environments, such as trains or vehicles, BESD Benelux offers EN50155-certified systems that meet the strict requirements for safety and performance.

BESD Benelux has built a reputation for the high-quality and reliable computer solutions they offer. They serve clients across industries and strive to meet the unique needs of each project. With their extensive product offering and expertise in industrial automation and technology, they play a crucial role in facilitating modern business operations and innovation.