Embedded computer boards and systems.

ICOP Technology is a leading manufacturer specializing in Industrial Embedded Computers, Industrial Embedded Controllers, Industrial Motion Controllers and Industrial Panel PCs. Their high-quality products play a crucial role in the automation of various control systems and are used in a wide range of applications.

Industrial embedded computers and controllers from ICOP Technology provide reliable and powerful solutions for industrial automation and home automation applications. They are used in industries such as telecommunications, mobile surveillance, environmental monitoring, medical monitoring, facility management systems, intelligent transportation systems, automated parking systems, gaming systems and cash register systems. This shows the versatility and adaptability of their product offerings to different industrial needs.

ICOP serves an international customer base through a global network of integration and distribution partners. They have offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia, enabling them to serve a wide variety of markets and provide support to customers worldwide. The company's headquarters are located in Taipei, Taiwan, which is a strategic location for their global operations.

The reliability, durability and performance of ICOP's products have made them a trusted partner for companies seeking robust solutions for industrial automation and control systems. Their continued focus on innovation and customer focus has helped ICOP Technology to establish a leading position in the market for industrial embedded systems and controllers.


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