PC/104 CPU boards

PC/104 Single Board Computers (SBC) offer a comprehensive range of options to meet the diverse needs of embedded computing applications. These compact and standardized SBCs are often used in industrial, military, medical and other critical applications where reliability and durability are crucial.

One of the standout features of PC/104 SBCs is the broad support for different interfaces and functionalities, allowing users to choose an SBC that exactly suits their specific application requirements.

For example, the support of SATA interface makes it possible to connect high-speed storage devices, which is useful for applications that process large amounts of data. VGA, LVDS, TFT-LCD, and COM ports provide connectivity for displays and serial communications. USB ports are useful for connecting peripherals, while Parallel and GPIO ports provide additional flexibility for data input/output and control of external devices.

For communications and networking capabilities, PC/104 SBCs provide interfaces such as LAN (Ethernet), CAN (Controller Area Network) for industrial automation, and ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter) for collecting and processing analog sensor data.

In addition, many PC/104 SBCs support IDE interfaces for traditional hard drives and CompactFlash (CF) cards for embedded storage. This variety of interfaces allows developers to select SBCs that precisely match the needs of their application, whether for data processing, display output, communications or storage.

The diversity in PC/104 SBCs ensures that developers can benefit from reliable and standardized embedded computing solutions that meet the specific needs of their project, and that can be easily integrated into a variety of industries and applications.