SMS gateways for sending and receiving SMS messages via 3G or 4G networks.

SMSEagle is a renowned provider of SMS gateway solutions that help organizations seamlessly and reliably integrate SMS communications into their business processes. The company is known for its high-quality hardware and software products that are specifically designed to provide efficient and secure SMS communications.

One of SMSEagle's core products is its SMS gateways. These gateways act as a bridge between an organization's IT infrastructure and mobile networks, making it possible to send and receive SMS messages from various applications and systems. These gateways are particularly valuable for businesses and organizations that want to integrate text messaging into their communications strategy, such as notifications, alerts, verification codes, and more.

SMSEagle gateways are robust and reliable, and they offer extensive security features to ensure that sensitive data is handled securely during SMS traffic. They support multiple mobile network protocols and can be configured to send and receive text messages through different carriers, giving customers flexibility in choosing their service providers.

Another distinguishing feature of SMSEagle is the scalability of their solutions. They offer SMS gateways suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises, and their products can be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures.

SMSEagle also places great importance on user-friendliness and provides intuitive web-based interfaces for managing and monitoring SMS communications. This allows users to get started quickly and enjoy the benefits of integrated SMS communications without complicated configurations.

In short, SMSEagle offers advanced SMS gateway solutions that help organizations communicate effectively and securely with their target audiences via SMS messages. With their reliable hardware and user-friendly software, they help streamline communication processes and improve overall efficiency for a wide range of applications and sectors.

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Support-Service Document
| 18 Jul 2023

SMSEagle, support Extended Warranty PLUS

SMSEagle Extended Warranty Plus is an optional service to expedite hardware replacement. SMSEagle Team ensures the reliability of its products by using quality components during design and manufacture. For additional protection, SMSEagle offers a plan for advanced replacement of hardware to minimize the time customers have to be without SMSEagle devices while their product is being serviced. With Extended Warranty Plus, SMSEagle Team will send a replacement unit to a customer before they have to send in their existing device for warranty repair. This warranty plan is ideal for any customer who wants to minimize the time their system is not operational.
Support-Service Document
| 27 Aug 2018

SMSEagle, software update history

SMSEagle software is under process of continual improvement. We listen to our customers, and new releases are based on our customer’s inputs/requests. If you would like to share your improvement idea for SMSEagle just let us know. Attached the history of improvements.

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