M2Me Machine Remote Maintenance
5 Sep 2016

M2M, Machine remote maintenance, RAS routers

Cloud solution with 3G+/4G routers and M2Me client software.

Etic-Telecom, manufacturer of smart 3G+ and 4G solutions, introduces the M2Me client software. Together with the RAS Router family and the M2Me cloud server from Etic-Telecom, a complete remote maintenance solution is provided. You can setup a safe VPN internet connection from your smartphone, tablet or PC to different devices of a remote machine network with HMI, PLC, PC or any type of controller.

The remote machine interfaces can be Ethernet, RS232, RS485, USB or WiFi. When the configuration software of the PLC or Controller manufacturer supports mobile devices, then the information is also available on a smart phone or tablet. It is possible to download the M2Me APP from the Google play store. A iPhone version will be available at the end of 2016. It is also possible to launch an Android application of a PLC manufacturer (Vijeo Design'Air, Simatic S7, HMI Remote Viewer ...) or a SCADA application developed by a third party and interact with the equipment as if you were connected locally.
M2Me remote users are identified via a certificate to protect the VPN tunnel for falls penetration.

M2Me is compatible with the major industrial equipment manufactures like Schneider, Siemens, Rockwell, Mitsubishi, ABB, Moeller, Fanuc, B&R, SEW etcetera. Cables or adapters for these manufactures are available.

The RAS router family supports 3G+ for world wide applications or 4G networks (standard for Europe and optional for USA or China).
The router can be equipped with an Ethernet, Cellular or WiFi WAN interface. 1 to 4 Ethernet LAN, RS232, RS485, USB or WiFi can be the M2Me interface. Depending on the version, a digital input can be used for email alarming or SMS alarming (with Pack-Alert). All routers can be protected with user name and password and has Firewall and user filtering functionality.

People can ask for a free trail code to test the M2Me client software.

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