acksys WiFi access point RuggedAir1000
| 3 Nov 2020

11ac WiFi access point for industrial and railway applications

The RuggedAir1000 is an "all-in-one" multifunctional WiFi product and can be configured as an access point, client, repeater, router and mesh.
Due to the robust construction, the RuggedAir1000 can be used in demanding applications in public transport and for industrial applications.

The RuggedAir1000 is equipped with an 802.11ac, 1.3 Gbps (radio data speed), MIMO 3T3R radio with 3 antennas for fast data transfer.
The electronics, which are powered with 12-36VDC or PoE, are housed in a waterproof IP66 housing with M12 connectors. The whole is resistant to shock and vibration in accordance with EN611373.

Acksys provides software in the form of the WaveManager and the WaveViewer for configuring and managing RuggedAir1000 WiFi Modules.
The configuration of the WiFi module is stored in the C-Key. When replacing a defective module, this C-Key can be transferred so that the replaced unit is immediately ready for use again. For the security of data communication, one has the options of WPA2-Enterprise (Radius), DoS, Firewall, etc.

The rugged construction makes the RuggedAir1000 suitable for heavy industrial applications (Industry 4.0) but also suitable for trams. train and metro area.

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