EKS Fiber optic products
| 8 Jul 2020

EKS Fiber Optic Systems

BESD Benelux, partner of EKS Fiber Optic Systems, has launched a new web site with a complete overview of devices that are using Multimode and SInglemode fiber optic for data communication. A complete portfolio of products like managed (PROFINET) and unmanaged Ethernet switches and products for Serial data communication (RS485, RS232, CAN, TTY, PROFIBUS, Modbus) and modules to send and receive Analog and Digital signals using fiber optic. And to make the product line complete, a viarity of fiber optic splice boxes. These products are worldwide used where trusted data communication is very important like fire alarm systems, emergency energy control, wind and solar energy plants, chemical industry, tunnels, petro chemical industry and so on. But also in smart city, industrial and building automation applications.

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