Ethernet switches and Media converters can be integrated into EPLAN projects
| 18 May 2021


Compliant with the new Eplan EDS standard

More than 20 Ethernet switches and media converters from EKS Engel Fiber Optic Systems e-light-100, e-light-1000, e-light-100-2MA, e-light-1000-4GM, e-light-100-XS, e-light-1000-XSG and e-light-1100-4AC product families have been listed in the Eplan Data Portal. As they all meet the requirements of the new Eplan Data Standard (EDS), which increases the quality of article and device data, they can seamlessly be integrated into Eplan projects. Users from mechanical and plant engineering, control cabinet construction and building services in particular benefit from this. This is because the Eplan platform, which offers software solutions for every engineering discipline, enables virtual development and design. For example, the wiring of machines or control cabinets can be simulated with a digital twin, allowing errors to be detected and rectified at an early stage.

In order to use products in the Eplan Data Portal, manufacturers must first fill out an import list that contains the following information in German and English in addition to product images: Part number, type number, order number, manufacturer, designation, dimensions, weight, and all electrotechnical information from the data sheets, including STEP files (Standard for the Exchange of Product model data).

However, manufacturers' information is often incomplete, which can cause problems in designs. For this reason, a new premium data standard was introduced with EDS, which is assigned per product and displayed on its home page. In cooperation with the Freiburg-based service company Alexander Bürkle, the import lists of Ethernet switches and media converters from EKS Engel have been prepared in such a way that all have received this seal of approval. It signals to users that the device data is Eplan-compliant and can be transferred to projects via drag-and-drop.

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