Industrial IP65 ethernet media converter, EL100-S
22 Jan 2016

Industrial IP65 ethernet media converter, EL100-S

Ethernet media converter for industrial applications.

e-light S consists of a compact Ethernet media converter including M50 screwing and pre-assembled fiber optic cables with singlemode or multimode fibers, which are available in customized versions. The solution can be mounted to cabinet doors or machine housings with a  all thickness of up to 4 mm and simply commissioned by using the plug-and-play principle.
Since the socket for the fiber optic cable, which as well as the connector and the M50 screwing, complies with the IP65 protection degree rating, shows to the outside, the pre-assembled cables can be easily connected. This allows the e-light S – unlike traditional media converters – a flexible connection of machines and mobile applications.

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