Ethernet Air-Pack-V2
2 Jun 2020

Plug-and-Play Point-to-Point WiFi connection, Ethernet Air-Pack-V2

Acksys introduces the Ethernet Air-Pack-V2, a Plug-and-Play solution for replacing an Ethernet cable or mobile connection between two devices such as PCs, video surveillance cameras, PLCs etc. or as a wireless bridge between two independent networks (e.g. between two buildings). The kit consists of two pre-configured WiFi modules and requires no further settings and is protocol independent and can be used for PROFINET applications, among other things. The Ethernet-Air-Pack-V2 uses the 5GHz WiFi standard for WiFi equipment and multiple modules can be used side by side. The radio connection between the two Ethernet Air-Pack-V2 modules is secured by the WPA2PSK authenticity and encryption method and all parameters are factory-set and ready for immediate use. Furthermore, the module is equipped with LEDs for indicating the LAN and WAN data traffic and power supply (+ 9VDC / + 48VDC or PoE) and Ethernet (Auto-sensing 10/100/1000MB) connections. The supplied 4dBi 5GHz antennas are screwed onto SMA-RP connectors that work according to the antenna "diversity" principle for optimal data communication. Outdoor antennas can also be connected to these SMA-RP connections via an RF cable to increase the range. The distance (open space) that can be bridged is approx. 300 m with a transmission power of + 21dBm and reception sensitivity of -92dBm.

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