Wireless M-Bus data logger
| 25 Aug 2020

Wireless M-Bus Data Logger

Viltrus, manufacturer of data loggers, has developed a new gate-way called the MX-9 Mini. The MX-9 Mini can collect and analyze real-time wireless M-Bus data. The datalogger can send the collected data via GPRS / GSM to external users or server. Up to 250 wireless M-Bus devices can be connected to the MX-9 Mini. It can read and store data from all kinds of meters (heat, water, gas, electricity ...), sensors and controllers. The MX-9 Mini supports S, T, R and C (169MHz / 433MHz / 868MHz) and OMS (Open Metering System) modes. The data logger has an archive storage of up to 8 MB where the data can be stored for 5 years and an SD card slot for cards up to 8 GB. The MX-9 Mini has a power input from 12VDC to 30VDC and is suitable for DIN-rail mounting.

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