Managed Ethernet switches, Smart City

The combination of a managed Ethernet switch and a splice box in one enclosure provides an integrated and robust solution for industrial networking needs, especially in environments where installation in towers is required. This versatile solution finds application in a variety of projects, including Smart City initiatives, where reliability, rapid deployment and protection against the elements and vandalism are essential.

This combined module is designed to significantly reduce implementation time. It simplifies installation because all necessary components are housed in one housing. This includes the managed Ethernet switch, which provides network connectivity and management, and the splice box, which is used to connect and protect fiber optic and Ethernet cables.

Installing this integrated solution in masts offers several advantages. First of all, it protects the equipment from weather conditions such as rain, wind and sunlight, ensuring its durability and reliability. In addition, it reduces the risk of vandalism, because the equipment is mounted in masts that are difficult to access for unauthorized persons.

In Smart City projects, these integrated units can be used for various applications, including video surveillance (CCTV) for security and surveillance, parking systems for traffic management, WLAN access points for public Internet access, meteorological monitoring stations for accurate weather information, environmental monitoring systems to monitor air quality, and lighting control systems for energy efficiency.

In short, this combined managed Ethernet switch and splice box offers a complete and reliable solution for network connectivity in various Smart City applications. It minimizes implementation time and protects equipment from the elements and potential vandalism, making it a cost-effective and sustainable choice for modern urban infrastructure projects.