Splice Box and Patch Panel, FIMP-XL-Hybrid

FIMP-XL-Hybrid represents a convergence of two distinct realms in the connectivity landscape: glass fiber and copper cables. This innovative solution offers exceptional flexibility for various applications by featuring optical connectors for up to 12 fibers and 6 RJ45 connectors for network cables, bridging the gap between optical and copper connectivity needs.

This hybrid marvel is ready for splicing, inclusive of a splice tray, couplings, pigtails, and a cable gland, streamlining the installation process. The range of couplings available for selection includes SMA, ST, SC, LC, FC-PC, SC-RJ, E-2000, and E-2000 COMPACT, catering to diverse connectivity requirements.

The design of FIMP-XL-Hybrid allows for easy splicing, with a removable front panel and splice cassette. The magnetizable cassette ensures secure fixation onto a splice unit and features a hole for splice units with a bolt, enhancing stability during operation.

Constructed with a powder-coated stainless steel housing, the FIMP-XL-Hybrid is magnetizable, facilitating easy attachment to another housing or a switch cabinet in the absence of a separate tray. The inclusion of a clip for DIN rail mounting (35mm) and a wall fastening kit provides space-saving and flexible mounting solutions, adapting to various installation scenarios.

Fiber optic cables with MPO connectors can be seamlessly adapted using FIMPO, offering additional versatility. An optional cap is available to protect the fiber and connectors, ensuring the longevity of the system.

The modular design of FIMP-XL-Hybrid allows for customization through different assemblies, housing colors, and logos, providing a tailored solution to meet specific requirements. In summary, FIMP-XL-Hybrid not only merges two connectivity worlds but does so with efficiency, adaptability, and modularity, offering a versatile and customizable solution for a wide range of connectivity needs.